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Earth Class

EARTH Class - Year 4 (2016- 2017) 

Class Teacher: Mrs Pema.
Teaching Assistants (TAs): Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Elin.

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) - Miss Walters, Miss Parker

Mr Tiley, Mrs Leach. 

Our trip to Roman Crofton Villa - inspirational, informative, back in time workshops. What an unique experience and opportunity to start a new unit of learning about the Roman Empire!

Celebrating our fantastic learning in Literacy - imagination, creativity, role play, story mapping, innovation, drafting, redrafting, editing and publishing! Well done Earth class - fantastic collaboration and resilience!

Science (Sound) - What happens when an object vibrates?

Science (Electricity) - What is inside an atom? What is static electricity? How do you light a light bulb? What is a conductor? What is an insulator?

Showing Confidence in Maths - Choosing and using strategies to subtract numbers. Recognizing number facts and number patterns.



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