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Earth Class

EARTH Class - Year 4 (2016- 2017) 

Class Teacher: Mrs Pema.
Teaching Assistants (TAs): Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Elin.

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) - Miss Walters, Miss Parker

Mr Tiley, Mrs Leach. 

Our trip to Roman Crofton Villa - inspirational, informative, back in time workshops. What an unique experience and opportunity to start a new unit of learning about the Roman Empire!

A magic key opened an ancient civilization
Workshops at Roman Crofton Villa
Researching interesting facts
All about the ancient Rome
Workshops that inspired us in our writing
New learning and unforgettable experiences

Celebrating our fantastic learning in Literacy - imagination, creativity, role play, story mapping, innovation, drafting, redrafting, editing and publishing! Well done Earth class - fantastic collaboration and resilience!

Recount - Romulus and Remus
Diary entry - Boudicca's rebellion
Non-chronological report - The Celts
3 displays in 1!
Resilience and Confidence - we did it!

Science (Sound) - What happens when an object vibrates?

Rice on a drum skin
Ruler on a desk
Elastic band
Tuning fork in water

Science (Electricity) - What is inside an atom? What is static electricity? How do you light a light bulb? What is a conductor? What is an insulator?

Inside an atom - protons, neutrons and electrons
Inside an atom - protons, neutrons and electrons
 Investigating static electricity
How to light a light bulb
Investigating conductors and insulators
Investigating conductors and insulators

Showing Confidence in Maths - Choosing and using strategies to subtract numbers. Recognizing number facts and number patterns.

I can spot the number patterns
I can double numbers
Number facts for 3 times and 6 times table
I can show more confidence!
I can double!
Subtracting using the counting up strategy.
I can explain why I chose to use a strategy.
I can subtract using the expanded column method.
I can do it!
Mistakes are proof that I am trying!



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