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Saturn Class Year Two



Key information

Teacher: Miss Clarke

Adult support: Mrs Moses

Key Phase Leader and PPA cover: Miss Jones


PE days- Tuesday and Thursday

Children must come to school wearing their PE kits. This consist of a white or purple t shirt with black/ grey/ navy blue shorts or jogging bottoms accompanied with trainers. 


Children must bring in their own labelled water bottle from home.


Fruit will continue to be provided daily so please do not let your children bring in their own fruit.


Homework completed by your child will need be sent to the class email to be checked by the teacher on a weekly basis.


Please find your child's reading record and return it to school so that they can receive a reading book. They will then be required to read every day for 10 minutes at home. We do ask that you sign their reading record every time they read.


If you have any questions and you are unable to contact me then call into the office and a message will be passed on.

Welcome to Saturn class for winning the attendance award in KS1 week commencing 2/11/2020

Spelling test, Practise for 04/12/2020

Maths homework- division due in 2.12.2020

HOME LEARNING GRID Autumn term 2- To be completed by 18/12/2020

This is your child's homework for this half term. Please through it with them and send me your completed work weekly. Thank you.

This week's learning 23.11.2020


Maths- dividing by 2,3, 5 and 10

Literacy- using impervative verb, making predictions and using noun phrases.

Science- investigation- which materials are absorbent and waterproof.

PE- games

RE- Christianity- 'The ten commandment.'

Topic- geography- the scottish mythical creature 'the lochness monster.'?

Spanish-learning how to say good afternoon in Spanish



Role playing 'The Good Samaritan'.

Drama workshop 02.11.2020

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