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Saturn Class Year Two



Key information

Teacher: Miss Clarke

Adult support: Mrs Moses

Key Phase Leader and PPA cover: Miss Jones


Hello Saturn class,


I hope you all enjoyed the weather over the weekend. This is a special week across the UK as it is children's world book week. Each day there will be many different and exciting task to do for literacy. If you would like a paper copy of this week's work then please contact the office and they will have it ready for you.


Please continue to send your work to the class email  as I would love to see it and post it on our class page. I cannot wait to see you on zoom this week.


I would love you to read to an adult for 10 minutes everyday. 

Ask your adult to sign your reading record. 


Parents a staff member will call you this week. 


If you have any questions and you are unable to contact me, then please call the office and they will pass a message on.  


Miss Clarke 


Fairtrade week

22/02/2021 - 07/03/2021

Christmas lunch 2020

Role playing 'The Good Samaritan'.

Drama workshop 02.11.2020

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