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Good morning, lovely Gemini!


How are you all? It was great to speak to most of you or your families last week - if I didn't reach you, I'll be trying again.

Here are our strawberries, looking very healthy indeed! I did eat a strawberry, knowing that they might go bad if noone picks them. If you're in school, ask the teacher you're with if you can go round and eat one! 




I got quite excited when planning your Science home learning this week as it was about different types of rock. Now while that might not sound exciting, when you learn about it, it really is! Did you know that if you head deep, deep underground, the temperature gets so high that the rock melts? That hot, glowing, melty rock is called magma and is what gets squirted out of volcanoes. That's just one way that new rock is made. So COOL. 


Well in my house, we have had a bit more of a stressful time this week - we  have only a small space, and we're all on top of each other so we have had to try extra hard (me included!) to think before we speak and remember how important kindness is. However we have been baking a LOT!!! 









Don't forget to have a look at the stay-at home sports day, if you haven't already - and send through the pictures of you taking part.


I have *loved* seeing you accessing Big Maths - click on the Tiger below to see the certificates from this week - congratulations to all of you who had a go and who beat your previous scores!


It is always lovely to get your messages - even if you don't attach pictures of your work, you can still write to me and I will reply. It's so important to me to know that you're doing ok. 


My kids and I spend a lot of time in the River View Walk and the Linear Park - we are so lucky to have it on our doorstep! There are so many beautiful flowers and animals to spot on the river at the moment - the ducklings are adorable, and there are also kingfishers, herons and woodpeckers in the big trees. 


Take care - hope to hear from you soon laugh winkcheekycool


Kind regards,


Ms W

Big Maths Certificates 17.5.2020 - Well done - LOTS of you taking part - and Sharon you got full marks on one!

Alex Beat That Certificates 11.5.2020