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Tuesday 5th January

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs


Look at the front cover of 'The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs'


Can you predict what you think this story is about?

Look at the picture, does it give you any clues?

Why do you think they have used the word ‘true’ in the title?


Write a paragraph with your prediction based on the front cover and title of the story. Use these sentence openers  to help you:

I predict that...

I believe that...

I think that...

Based on the title and the picture, I predict that this is going to be about...


Remember that you can send your work to our


I look forward to reading all of your ideas.



Use these spelling mnemonics to help you learn the spellings in the Year 3/4 list


accident - when cars collide, it leaves a dent

actual - it's a fact that there's 'act' in actual

address - you should add the proper address for it to arrive safe and sound

answer - a negative score will equal relegation

appear - it appears that the prickly pear has ears

arrive - run, run to arrive on time



P.E with Joe DAY 1

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