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Tuesday 19th January

Literacy: Write a poem

Read Chapters 13 and 14.

Today, you need to write a poem about Varjak on the busy road. It's based on what happens in Chapter 12. First you need to imagine how would Varjak think and feel. How do cats show those emotions? Does he feel any different at the end? Try and write as many lines as you can to help readers understand why he's trying to talk to the car and how it feels. 

Then you need to imagine how the cars would look to Varjak. What animals does he think they are? What do those animals do to look really scary? What parts of a car could look like parts of a dog? Have a look through the slides and try to write your own poem. If you get stuck you can use the support sheet.

Click to hear Chapter 13

Click to hear Chapter 14

Click through these slides for support



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Topic - Art

In todays Art lesson you will be creating prints using objects you can find at home!

You will need: paint (at least 3 different colours), random objects, paper.


Use this document to learn a bit more about printing and your task for todays lesson.