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Monday 1st February

Literacy Focus: Describe the characters

Read Chapters 29 and 30

Today, we want you to describe four of the characters in the story. You could choose Varjak, Sally Bones, The Gentleman with the black shiny shoes and Cludge or any others. Try to think of ten ambitious words to describe each one and draw a picture. You can look back through other chapters if you want to remind yourself.

Meet the characters

Chapters 29 and 30.mp3



Fractions of number

There is a brilliant BBC Bitesize page here which includes three methods, a video and some activities to complete. Enjoy!

See below for some general Fractions info in the knowledge organiser and some worksheets to get on with. 

For more written work if you like, here you go! Challenge today are some meaty word problems

Topic- RE (Buddhism)

In todays lesson you will be learning about the Buddhist holy book. Can you think of any other religious holy book?

How and why was the holy book created?

How did they make sure the message was correct?

The Pali Canon and Sanskrit Canon