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Uranus Class

Welcome to Uranus class.

Teacher Mrs McNally.

Supported by Mrs Acton.


Please ensure your child brings in their full PE kit every Monday.

This term, we are learning Dance.

Your child should have the following:

Black joggers or leggings

Plain white T-shirt or the school purple T-shirt

Plimsolls or trainers


Your child will be swimming every Thursday so please ensure your child brings the following:

Swimming costume or trunks


Swimming hat


Reading: Please support your child by reading with him/her every evening for 15 minutes. Record their progress in the reading record book 3 times a week.

Spelling: Your child will bring home spellings every Monday. Please support your child with learning them in preparation for a test on Friday.

Literacy/Maths: Your child will bring home a homework folder every Friday containing work based on what has been learnt that week. Please ensure your child completes both pieces (with your support) and return the completed work on the following Wednesday.


Autumn Term 2

This term we will be learning the following:


Theme- Castles and Dragons.

Instructional writing based on 'How to Trap a Dragon' by Pie Corbettt.

Descriptive writing based on the book 'The Dragon Machine' by Helen Ward.

Writing to persuade/different viewpoints based on the book 'The Pea and the Princess' by Mini Gray 

Trip to Leeds Castle.


Adding multiples of 10.

Subtracting multiples of 10.

Multiplication tables-10s, 2s, 5s.

Dividing by 10, 2 and 5.

Fraction of shape/number.

Data-interpreting the information on pictograms..



Investigations: Changing water by heating and cooling.

                        Testing the strength of a paper bridge.

                        Magnetic or not?




Castles: Features of a castle. 

              Roles of the people living in castles.

              How to become a knight.



Christianity- The nativity story.

                     Family celebrations.



Shading with just a pencil.

Observational drawings of castles and dragons.

Multiplication Tables

A great way to learn the multiplication tables is by singing them, so enjoy the following songs:

10 Times Tables | Kids Multiplication Song | Children Love to Sing

5 Times Tables Song - Numberjacks

Counting By Twos Song Video

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Autumn 2 Home project was to create a castle or a dragon. Once again the children's creations were wonderful. (photos to follow)
Autumn Term 1 Home Project was to create a monster or an alien. Lots of children created some amazing monsters. Here they are for you to enjoy. (photos to follow)