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                Teacher: Miss Hedington
             Teacher Assistant: Mrs Brophy

What a calm lovely friday afternoon we had. Firstly we learnt how to draw a house and then after we made the house out of tissue paper.

What a busy two weeks we have had. 2 girls (Aminat and Mari) wanted to learn about princesses. Before you know it nearly of all of the girls in the cohort wanted to learn about them. They made mood boards for their princess dress, crown and castle. Then they designed them and made their own princess crown and castle. Finally, they wrote about their models- what fantastic writing! Some of boys enjoyed learning about princes and their crowns and castles. They loved making castles out of the blocks.

Skyela came in and wanted to learn about weddings. She made her own dress, she designed her bridesmaid dress and made it. She made flowers and rings. We then had our own moon class wedding at the moon class church and had a wedding reception (dancing) after. CONGRATULATIONS to our brides and grooms

We went to the fire station. We got to go in a fire engine. We got to spray water using their big hose! We took loads of pictures! We loved the fire fighters because they helped us!

the fire fighters said: If you go on google and type in London fire brigade you can order a smoke alarm and they will come and fit it in your house for FREE!

We loved going on a nature hunt to learn about autumn. We found, brown, red, green, yellow and orange leaves. We found feathers, sticks and mushrooms. Thank you to the mummies and daddy who came with us. We loved exploring!

We had a girl band in moon class this week, Kylie, Skyela, Murjana, Kimberley and Salma! The dance 'Kiki do you love me' was choreographed by Kylie. Unfortunately the video wont upload.

This week we have been learning about Diwali and fireworks. 

The children have been making rangoli patterns and diva lamps out of clay.

Thankyou to Sanjyan, Vibusin and Anushs' mummies for bringing in gifts for the children and coming in to show us how to do Rangoli Patterns, they were beautiful!

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Big Me Week. We have loved learning about the different jobs that people do and acting their jobs out; firefighter, vet, doctors, dentist, builders and the police

Some free things to do in the half term at Downham Library. Have a lovely half term

Some free things to do in the half term at Downham Library. Have a lovely half term  1

Now it is your turn to try baking at home! Below is the recipe of how to make cupcakes. Enjoy

WOW moon class you were amazing on your first ever school trip to the library! We enjoyed going on the bus, listening to the stories, looking at all the different books and we loved choosing our own book to take back to school!

Welldone moon class for your first full week at school. 

We hope you have a lovely restful weekend and cant wait to see you back on Monday. 

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We have started our phonic lessons now where we have learnt the sounds s, a, t, p. 

We have been sending home phonic sheets each time we have learnt a new sound, this is for your child to complete and consolidate their learning at home. 

If you would like to bring it in and show the teacher your fabulous work moon class, please do so.

We would love to see. 


You can youtube the phonic songs we use to teach the children the new sound at 

YouTube> jolly phonics phase 2

See link below 



Moon class have been busy bees this week- they have been enjoying their swimming lessons, playing outside, acting out home life in the home corner or pretending to be the doctor or the vet in the topic roleplay corner, they have been very creative in the creative area; making beautiful pictures or making lots of different models from recycled materials or from the cubes.

Keep it up moon class!


  1. School Hours Are:
    Monday to Thursday
    8.50am to 3.25pm
    8.50am to 2.30pm

  2. Please make sure your child wears the correct school uniform and brings their book bag to school every day.
  3. Swimming is on MONDAY. In a separate bag they need a towel, swimming costume/trunks and their swimming cap.
  4. Reading- your child will get given a home reading book once a week when they are ready, I kindly ask that you read with them 10 minutes every day and then write a small comment in their reading record book.

Your child can also choose a bed time story book from the box to take home and read with you. Please return this the next day so they can swap it for a different book.


READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   1 Talk to your child about the book
READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   2 Give your child a great start to life
READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   3 Switch technology off for just 10 minutes!
READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   4 Read a bedtime story with your child
Picture 1 Why reading to your child helps