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Moon Class


                Teacher: Miss Hedington
             Teacher Assistant: Mrs Brophy


The children this week have decided to make a fashion show- they made the display, they chose their outfits and made up their own pose! 

They loved writing about it! 

We even had the children pretending to be photographers where they used the teachers cameras to take the photos of the fashion show. 

Week beginning: 5.3.18

The children this week have been doing something secret where they cannot tell you yet, we hope you like your surprise on Sunday mummies.

Have a lovely Mothers Day!

Week beginning: 26.2.18



The children loved dressing up as characters from their favourite stories! Welldone to everyone for participating and we hope you have all read your prizes! You all looked amazing!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Although we didn’t go through a swirling whirling snowstorm on our bear hunt.

We had a swirling whirling snowstorm in Bellingham!

We couldn’t go over,

We couldn’t go under it,
We couldn’t go around it,

So we went through it and had so much FUN!!

Week beginning: 19.2.18

We went on a Bear Hunt
We caught a big one
It was a beautiful day!
We were not scared.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Uh-oh! Grass!
We went through long wavy grass.

Swishy Swashy! Swishy Swashy! Swishy Swashy!

Picture 1

Uh-oh! Mud!
We went through thick oozy mud.
Squelch Squerch!
Squelch Squerch! Squelch Squerch!

Uh-oh! River!
We went through deep cold river.
Splash Splosh!
Splash Splosh! Splash Splosh!

Uh-oh! A Forest!
We went through big dark forest.
Stumble Trip!
Stumble Trip! Stumble Trip!

Picture 1

We then saw one wet shiny nose,
two big furry ears,
two big googly eyes
we found a BEAR!

We thought it was a nice happy friendly bear who felt lonely so we all gave it a BIG HUG and took it back through the forest, stumble trip… back through the river, splash splosh… back through the mud, squelch squerch... back through the grass, swishy swashy and back to the Horton Kirby Classroom.

We had a lovely video of all of moon class children giving the bear a hug but the video size was too big to upload

We had a lovely video of all of moon class children giving the bear a hug but the video size was too big to upload 1

Life skills:
We have been learning about money and the different coins we can use this week.

Some of moon class went to the supermarket to buy some fruit for us to make our own fruit salad.
We bought apples, bananas, tangerines, a pineapple, pomegranate and a melon.
We paid with: 1 pound, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins.


We then got to chop the fruit into small chunks using a knife and add it to our fruit salad.
The children were super at cutting and they were very sensible.

Please encourage them to cut their own food up at home.


  1. School Hours Are:
    Monday to Thursday
    8.50am to 3.25pm
    8.50am to 2.30pm

  2. Please make sure your child wears the correct school uniform and brings their book bag to school every day.
  3. Swimming is on WEDNESDAY. In a separate bag they need a towel, swimming costume/trunks and their swimming cap.
  4. Reading- your child will get given a home reading book once a week when they are ready, I kindly ask that you read with them 10 minutes every day and then write a small comment in their reading record book.

Your child can also choose a bed time story book from the box to take home and read with you. Please return this the next day so they can swap it for a different book.


READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   1 Talk to your child about the book
READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   2 Give your child a great start to life
READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   3 Switch technology off for just 10 minutes!
READING WITH YOUR CHILD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE!   4 Read a bedtime story with your child
Picture 1 Why reading to your child helps