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Year 6 Head's Team and Pupil Parliament

Head Team

The Head Team (Shaniah, Ayo, Yasine, Rajhani, Lourdes, Sankung, Ceren and Wilfred) are voted for by all children and staff based on each candidates speech. The Head Team meet regularly with Ms Redshaw and Mrs Dummer. They are often seen showing visitors around the school, assisting with school assemblies and helping out in the playground. They work alongside the Ministers of Fundraising to support current causes Athelney may be supporting.

Pupil Parliament


Our vision is to represent diversity, inclusion and equality. We do this by: running events, hosting assemblies, working with local communities and liaising with subject leads in an effort to diversify the wider Athelney community. The Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss current issues and suggest improvements they would like to make. 

Pupil Parliament Roles 


Primary Minister and Deputy Primary Minister:

Seun and Zion (Y5 &6) Their roles are to meet with Mrs Dummer to address the needs of Pupil Parliament as well as having the final say on the decisions made by Pupil Parliament. 


Ministers of Diversity: 

Amirah R, Baheer, Poppy and De'Shawn (Y4,5&6) Their roles are to focus on celebrating diversity within the school which can include diversity days/raising awareness of up-coming cultural days. They will also work with subject leads to voice any representation needs within the curriculum. 


Ministers of Fundraising:

Kaidy-May, Kaylon, Moyosola (Y4,5&6) Their roles are to work with the Head Team to raise funds for all things related to Pupil Parliament. 


Ministers of Play:

Elias, Jonathan, Perez and Victoria (Y4,5&6) Their roles are to improve play and lunchtime by focusing on ways they can make the playground an exciting experience for all children.