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 Please read through the literacy then complete the activity using paper and a pencil. The math questions can be written on paper, the same as you would do in class. This will avoid so much printing.

Please send me your work as a photo so it can be added to the slideshow. 



WALT write a letter


Read the story below.

Think about:

Imagine you are Rapunzel, walking around outdoors for the first time.

How must Rapunzel feel after her first time outside of her tower?

What sights, sounds, colours, shapes, feelings, smells do you think Rapunzel would be most excited by?


Activity: In role of Rapunzel, write a letter to your new friend to reflect on your experiences and viewpoint at this point in the story. Describe your emotions, and what you saw, smelt and touched.






Watch the video below and make a selection of different shaped paper towers.

Starters for Science - 1. Paper Towers with Alex Farrer

Which shape will be the strongest?

Which shape will be the weakest?

Predict which shapes you think will be strong or weak before you make them, then see if your predictions were correct.

Have fun!