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WALT write an advert for fairy-tale supplies.

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Look at the catalogue page that was sent to the witch and the rest of the characters from the story as shown below. Think about:

  • What kind of products are in the witches catalogue?
  • What kinds of products might the other characters like to buy?

Activity: write an advert for a product that one of these characters might like to buy. Your advert should include the product name, a picture and one sentence description.


Use the template below.





This term we will explore the facts about

                                          The Great Fire of London.

WALT describe how the fire started.

355 years ago, in the year 1666, there was a huge fire in central London.

Watch the video to find out more.

The Great Fire of London #greatfireoflondon #thegreatfireoflondon #Londonfire1666

Activity: Draw a picture of where the fire started and write a few sentences to explain how it started.