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Stay at Home 2020 Sports Day

Stay at Home Sports Day 2020

On the 20th May it was meant to be our Sports day; unfortunately, we won’t get a chance to do this altogether this year. But why not bring Sports day into your household, you could compete against your family- brothers, sisters, dad, mum, carers, grandparents.


There are certificates/rosettes attached however, you can make your own certificates/rosettes/trophy.

Remember if things become a little tricky, don’t be a ‘sore looser’ what some people say. This is for fun. The referee in charge of recording the points may deduct one point if you aren’t showing good sportsman ship. If there is an activity that wasn’t your strong point- use this as a learning curve and you can practise after, to get better. All of these activities will help with some form of PE skills e.g. strength, hand eye coordination, accuracy, speed, balance. Remember the PE school games mark values and Athelney values.



You can choose a selection of the activities or
can you do all these challenges in a day?


Whichever activities you do, you will get an automatic point, as it is the participation that counts. You’ll also get a chance to win a bonus point. Record your points on a piece of paper or you can print off the table attached (see PDF below).



Some more fun activities for the family

1. Put hula hoops/ ring doughnuts on a piece of rope/ wool. Children have to limbo underneath and try to eat the hula hoops/ ring doughnut.


2. Put flour in a tray and put some sweets in there. Children have to put their face in the tray and pick up a sweet.


3. Apple bobbing. Fill up a bowl with water and place some apples in the water. Children have to put their face into the water and try and pick up the apple with their mouth.


4. If you have a balloon. You and a family member have to stand face to face. You put the balloon between your knees and you have to move the balloon up your bodies, without using your hands, to your faces. Don’t let the balloon pop. You could also use a coconut.


5. After 8 challenge. Or a square flat chocolate. You have to put the after 8 chocolate on your forehead and without using any support from your arms/hands you have to move the chocolate down your face to your mouth.



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