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WALT make predictions from an illustration


Look at the picture from our new book below. Think about:

  • What do you know about postmen/women?
  • Who might he have post for? Look for clues in the picture.
  • What could the post be?
  • What do you think this postman is like? What makes you think that?


Activity: Use your prediction sentence openers to write about what you think the story could be about.


I predict

I think that

I imagine

I wonder if




WALT: focus on using pencil to create shades.

You will be creating a light to dark shading scale using sketching/ normal pencil. Then choose an object around your home to sketch.

It could be a fruit, fork or a toy.

How to create a gradation scale using a pencil

Activity: Create a shading scale. Once completed, sketch an object from home.