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Please read through the literacy then complete the activity using paper and a pencil. The math questions can be written on paper, the same as you would do in class. This will avoid so much printing.

Please send me your work as a photo so it can be added to the slideshow.


Monday 11th January 2021

WALT perform a poem creatively

Re-read the story below

Think about: What curse do you think the witch would put on Rapunzel if she were to leave the tower?

What do you already know about witch’s curses, spells and potions?

What other books have you read where this happens?

What films or TV programmes have you seen where someone is cursed?

What do you notice about the potions and spells that witches and wizards create?


Read the poem below aloud ‘The Wicked Witches’ Song’ by Clare Bevan.

‘The Wicked Witches’ Song’ by Clare Bevan


I’m making witch spells,

Give-you-all-an-itch spells,

Stir the steamy cauldron with a monster bone,


I’m making mean spells,

Slithery and green spells,

Turn you into lizards on a slimy stone.


I’m making cat spells,

Dangle-like-a-bat spells,

Swish you on a broomstick through the

Inky sky,


I’m making shark spells,

Dangerous and dark spells,

Give you all a nightmare ‘til you scream

And cry.



Now think about the following:

Do you notice any patterns in the language such as repetition?

Were there any memorable words or phrases that stood out to you?

Did you notice the rhythm of the poem?

What images came to mind as you heard the poem said aloud?

Activity: Perform “The Wicked Witches’ Song” out loud, think about what parts you should read loudly/softly/quickly/slowly? Can you use sound effects? Might you include actions?






Keep old magazines for making collages or collect some leaves and petals the next time you are outdoors to create a nature collage.

Draw your main design for your collage. It could be a tree or a house or a dinosaur. Let your imagination go wild but just make sure your thing is big enough for sticking things onto.

Then start to fill in your design with either cut out pieces from magazine pages or if you’re using leaves and petals stick those on.

You could also add some cotton wool for clouds.


Purple group

Blue and Yellow groups


Go through this power point (do not print) then answer the questions below.
Red and Green groups