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WALT write thoughts in role as a character


Read the story so far again, up to the witch reading her post.


Think about the story so far, and how each of the characters might be feeling?

  • How might the Postman be feeling whilst he is at work?
  • How do you think Mummy and Daddy Bear feel about Goldilock’s?
  • How might the witch feel when she receives the catalogue?
  • How do you think the Postman feels when he is in the Witches house?


Activity: Using 1st person pronouns (I, I’m, me, my), write a sentence in the speech bubbles for the characters below.










Please complete your online challenges on Big maths.


WALT Understand and say red, yellow, green and blue in Spanish


Recap: Last term you learnt how to say your numbers 1-10 in Spanish. Watch this video and sing the count to 10 song -

Now we will recap colours in Spanish.

Learn the colours song in Spanish.

Activity: Match the colours written in Spanish to the correct colour.

     verde                 rojo                    azul                    amarillo