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WALT create a wanted poster for a fairy-tale villain.

Have a look at the last page where Rapunzel is riding on her horse to chase other witches. Look at the Wanted Posters and think about:

            What are wanted posters used for?

            Where have you seen them before?

            What might be written on a Wanted Poster?


Think about what villains Rapunzel should hunt next, from other fairy tale stories and popular movies, for example, The Big Bad Wolf, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, The Pied Piper, Captain Hook, Scar from Lion King and choose one you would like to make a Wanted Poster for.


Activity: Create a wanted poster for your chosen villain, include a description of the villain, remember to use the present tense.






Please complete the challenges on Big maths if you have not already done so.




Recap the numbers 1-10 in Spanish from last week.


Now we are going to learn how to say and understand colours in Spanish.


Complete the activities below: