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24.09.19 - Deptford Creek - Low Tide Walk

Features of a river - can you tell someone what are the main features of a river? Here are some key words to help you: source, tributary, river bed, river bank, deposition, erosion, meander. Can you think of any other features?

GEOGRAPHERS and ARTISTS at work! Practising our geographical and field sketching skills - We created a field sketch by observing and recording the human and physical features in and around the Deptford Creek. Watch this space for our field sketches.

SCIENTIST at work! We were asked to run different scientific experiments in order to check the water quality of the Ravensbourne river. Do you remember what were you asked to measure? What did we do first? What equipment did we use? What was the conclusion for each experiment? How did we keep our tests fair? Which experiment did you enjoy the most? Why?

RISK TAKERS and EXPLORERS at work! Exploring habitats of different living things. Finding and observing artefacts near the river bank. Can you remember what have we found in our fishing net? Why do you think we were able to find living things in the river? How many objects have we noticed floating during our session? How does this contribute to the pollution level of the river? What can we do to keep our rivers clean and healthy?