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08.10.19 - Sketching the Sea Workshop - National Maritime Museum and The Queen's House

Art Inspirations: Sketching the sea


How do artists paint the sea?


We've had a fabulous day at the Queen’s House today. We were able to see a world-class collection of paintings to help us answer that question.

We've learned that for centuries artists have tried to capture the nose-tingling freshness and the ever-changing colours of water. Sketching the sea workshop took use on an eyeopening journey to help us to explore how different artists have painted and responded to the drama of life at sea.

We paid particular attention to how painters use colour, line, texture, pattern and tone to convey mood and feeling, movement, stillness and day and night. Throughout the session we explored experimental and creative approaches, whilst developing our observational and drawing skills. Towards the end of the session we transformed our drawings into inspiring and individual three dimensional sketchbooks to take back to school. 


What do these words mean? Can you explain it to an adult?


Seascape, canvas, horizon line, pattern, shape, line, navy, nautical ship, figure head.