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05.12.19 - Earthquakes and Volcanoes Workshop - Natural History Museum


Fabulous experience at the Natural History Museum!

Fantastic learning opportunities!

Learning about Natural Disasters.


What's the best way to learn about natural disasters? Experimenting of course! Making a real earthquake with the help of Joshua (Rage Face) and pouring lava with the help of our brave scientist Nevaeh. Experiencing an earthquake simulation and many more...


We explored the exciting world of volcanoes and earthquakes and their effects on society in this action-packed science show. We investigated geological forces from deep within the Earth using interactive demonstrations from our brave scientists Nevaeh (The Brave Scientist) and Joshua (Rage Face). Our brave scientist Joshua made a real earthquake and Nevaeh poured lava. This demonstration helped us to gain the skills and knowledge to save a town from catastrophe.

What have you learned today about natural disasters (earthquakes and volcanoes)?

Choose some of these words to retell your experience to someone.

Can explain what do they mean?

Can you think of any other words that are not included in the list?

Key vocabulary:  structure of the Earth, tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes, natural hazards, tectonic plate, eruption, active, ash, core, crater, crust,dormant, fissures, gas, poisonous, lava, magma, mantle, rock pressure, flow, effusive eruption, explosive eruption, heat, seismograph, risk, damage, scale, wave, magnitude, Richter scale, earthquake.